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The Perth Mint in Australia has launched an innovative certificate ownership programme targeting investors worldwide. Michael Kile, business development manager, Gold Corporation, explains.

Recent global turmoil has seen many financial commentators predict a paradigm shift in investor focus from wealth growth to preservation, with gold benefiting from this changing sentiment. During a year when other asset classes recorded negative returns, the yellow metal has risen 20% in value, confounding the experts who decreed it had become just a commodity in the early 21st century. Many who are now marching to the anthem of wealth protection often seek something else too, and that is a safe haven for their gold bullion. The Perth Mint in Western Australia, offers such services.

The Perth Mint is now a wholly-owned statutory authority of the government of Western Australia and part of the state owned Gold Corporation group, an international precious metal refining, minting and trading group. Not only does it play a vital role in Australias gold industry, both as a minter of precious metal legal tender coins and as the countrys largest gold refiner, it has also developed an innovative new product, The Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP).

Paper made of gold
PMCP offers international investors gold metal storage facilities and it is the only depository operating today that can offer the investor a government guarantee.

The bullion bar products of the Gold Corporation group and therefore, The Perth Mint, also enjoy accreditation from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX) and the Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM). The first initiative of its kind, the PMCP involves a document that is issued to the holder as evidence of legal title to precious metals stored on either an allocated (segregated) or unallocated (unsegregated) basis with The Perth Mint. The document is registered to the owner and identified by a client name and certificate number. It means that for the first time, investors can own gold and have it stored on their behalf in the mints vaults, completely protected by a AAA Western Australian Government Guarantee.

In fact, The Perth Mint is the only depository operating today that can offer a government guarantee from one of Australias wealthiest states. Michael Checkan, president of Asset Strategies International Inc., and one of the mints most successful US PMCP dealers, describes the certificate scheme as gold you can fold. Its a good description, says Perth Mint depository administrator Bron Suchecki. You dont have to worry about physical storage or security. The certificate gives you guaranteed proof of ownership and it is backed 100% by real gold. The PMCP is unique, he adds. Thats why we have been successful in attracting international investors, especially since the events of 11 September.

The Perth Mint certificate is made available to individual investors through an international approved dealer network, without the need for predetermined transaction sizes. They include [MCG Wealth Management Ltd, www.pmcg.com.au], Asset Strategies International Inc., EurAxxess AG, Kitco Precious Metals Inc., Sterling Precious Metals Ltd., and Philip GNI Futures Pte Ltd (Singapore).

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