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Accessing Perth Mint products and services can be accomplished through either Perth Mint distributors or dealers.As long standing Perth Mint Dealers we have a successful track record in advising you in a wide range of investment solutions offered by the Perth Mint. We specialise in offering you access to the Perth Mint Certificate Program.The Perth Mint provides investment products and services including:

  • Investment in Australian legal tender coins and bars
  • Security in your investment through a precious metal depository to store and keep safe your investment
  • Legal tender of Australia proof, commemorative and numismatic coins
  • The Perth Mint Certificate Program

The Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) run by the Gold Corporation is a reliable, secure and flexible precious metals program available to global investors seeking discreet, alternative investments. Backed by the government of Western Australia it is the only government-guaranteed, precious metals program in the world.

The PMCP issues Certificates, detailing your metal holding, in your name and identified by a Certificate number.

For more in-depth information, please read the PMCP Terms & Conditions. If you are considering investing in precious metals through the Perth Mint and need specialist advice of a leading Perth Mint Dealer with a successful track record in the bullion investment market, please register your interest or contact us.