>> The Perth Mint Certificate Program

The PMCP is a reliable, secure and flexible precious metals program available to global investors seeking discreet, alternative investments. The PMCP offers offshore storage of precious metals (gold and silver) at The Perth Mints vaults in Western Australia.

The Perth Mint has operated continuously from the same location for well over a century. The PMCP is the only government-guaranteed, precious metals program in the world. This unique precious metals storage program is fully owned and backed by the government of Western Australia.

The PMCP is run by the Gold Corporation, an international precious metals refining, minting and trading group wholly owned by the Government of the State of Western Australia. The Program offers international investors a unique range of precious metal storage facilities on competitive terms.

The facilities are especially suitable for private investors seeking confidentiality, flexibility and a safe haven for their precious metal assets in a turbulent world. More..

>> Facts about The Perth Mint Certificate Program

  • The Perth Mint assigns a client code to ensure confidentiality
  • The PMCP is especially suitable for investors seeking confidentiality
  • The World Gold Council featured the Perth Mint Certificate Program in the summer 2002 issue of their Gold magazine.
  • The PMCP is the only Government Guaranteed certificate program in the world More..