>> Who are MCG Wealth Management?

MCG Wealth is a family owned and run wealth management firm which that services the investment needs for individual investors & their families in Australia and abroad. MCG currently manages over $600million of assets.

Our Approach

The foundation to managing money for our clients has been based on two simple yet imperative building blocks. The first is being client focused and truly understanding their objectives. The industry practice is for a business model built on encouraging investors to trade. We strongly believe this is flawed, and leads to our second building block being an open architecture business model where we surround ourselves with the best of class in order to get the best result for our clients.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on an Absolute Return Objective. That is:

  • Preserving capital during difficult market conditions
  • Controlled levels of volatility throughout the market cycle
  • Consistently producing absolute returns in excess of 5% above inflation over rolling five year periods

The Absolute Return Objective is the cornerstone objective for most investors, yet the industry has not centred client’s portfolio accordingly.

While most institutional investors focus primarily on delivering absolute returns through superior “market timing” or “stock picking”, both of which exhibit limited performance persistence, the Multi-Asset Endowment approach focuses on portfolio construction and risk management to achieve its outcomes

  • This leads of a more systematically and in turn repeatable delivery of desired investment outcomes
  • Investment returns are generated by capturing multiple asset class risk premiums and by employing a variety of investment strategies


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General Advice Warning

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