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When you are ready to invest and have your account number set up, you will send your money to one of the following Perth Mint Accounts:

Please DO NOT transfer funds if your account has not been set up.
Checks are NOT accepted. There is a 10 business day waiting period if you do.

If you are transferring in AUD send to:

Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
Bank Address: 109 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, 6000
Account Name: Gold Corporation Settlements
BSB Number: 036-000
Account Number: 272342

If you are transferring in USD send to:

Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA

Bank Address: 7th Floor, Chase Metrotech Centre, Brooklyn, New York, 11245, USA

Account Name: Gold Corporation

Account Number: 780255220


FED ABA Number: 021000021

If you are transferring in another currency please contact us.