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Q. Who is The Perth Mint?
The Perth Mint has operated since 1899 and was established to turn the gold from the Western Australian gold rush into sovereigns for the British Empire. The Mint is a division of Gold Corporation and is wholly owned by the Western Australian Government. The Perth Mint has a formidable reputation as a leader in international precious metal investment.

Q. Why should I store my gold in Perth?
Situated on one of the most politically and economically stable continents, Perth offers one of the most secure locations for hard asset storage world-wide.

Q. So what is it going to cost me to invest in the program?
This is a quality investment and is completely transparent. For the purchase of precious metal there is a 1.75% service fee and a $50 Certificate Administrative Fee, and for the sale of precious metal the service fee is reduced to .75%. The service fees are simply added on to the price of the metal you purchase. The Perth Mint also charges a fee of 0.25% on the metal of all buy and sell trades paid by cash. E.g if you buy gold at AUD 800, when you add the service fee you are buying it at AUD 816.

Q. What precious metals can I acquire under the Perth Mint Certificate Program?
You can invest in Gold & Silver. Although the Perth Mint does vault Palladium it is not available with the Perth Mint Certificate Program due to its omission from Australian Precious Metal Taxation exclusion legislation.