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Q. When I register with you what forms of identification are acceptable?
Please use the Required Documentation Guide with all of the up to date information for what is required when registering as an Individual, Company, Trust, Partnership, Association, Co-operative or Government Body.

Q. What happens if I don't have a driver's licence?

You can try using a birth certificate, or a national citizen card. Any issues, please contact us directly.

Q. What is required for certification?

Any of the people listed on page three of the application form. They will need to declare that the photocopy of the passport or driver's licence is a true copy. Put down the date, their name, sign it, occupation, practioner number if applicable, company name and contact details.


"I declare that this is a true copy"

John Smith 1/1/2011


Pharmacist. Pharmacy Number 2222 John Smith's Pharmacy. 1 Smith St, Sydney Australia. 5451 5635

Q. Do the original ID & Registration forms need to be sent?
Yes, the originals do have to be sent to us. However to speed up the process of setting up your account you can e mail or fax them to us, before mailing the original copy to us.

Q. Where do I send my ID and Registration forms?
Click here for details on where to send your ID and Registration forms.

Q. Can a Perth Mint Certificate be held either individually or jointly?
Yes, either is fine. For each applicant validation of Identification is required upon registration in the scheme.

Q. Can a Perth Mint Certificate be issued to a trust, partnership or corporation?
Yes, we can arrange this for you. Just provide certified (notarized) copies of the entitys certificate of incorporation or registration and its authorised signatories.

Q. What is the minimum precious metal purchase?
Entry to the Perth Mint Certificate Program requires a low minimum investment of AUD 5,000. This amount can be held in multiple Perth Mint Certificates.