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Q. Can I part-sell my Certificates and what is the minimum I can sell back?
You can sell back AUD 5,000 or more against your certificate(s) providing your minimum balance of precious metals held in certificate(s) is AUD 5,000. The Perth Mint will issue you directly with a new certificate indicating your reduced holding at a cost of AUD 10 for a new certificate.

Q. Can I liquidate my certificate(s)?
Your Perth Mint Certificate is extremely easy to liquidate. Just complete the To be completed by Owner section of the Transfer block on the reverse of the Certificate, inserting PCMG Pty. Ltd name as the Transferee, and mail the Certificate to us, once verified with the Perth Mint we will forward the funds to you. Alternatively, you can take physical delivery at the Perth Mint or arrange for delivery.

Q. If I wished, can I arrange collection or delivery of precious metal held on my Mint Certificate?
Yes, the Perth Mint requires ten business days notice for collecting Unallocated holdings and two business days notice for Allocated holdings. Depending on the type of storage you originally selected and the method of delivery, outstanding storage fees, fabrication charges, delivery fees or Certificate fees may be payable. PCMG Pty. Ltd. can facilitate the process and ensure it proceeds smoothly.

Q. What happens if I loose my Certificate?
Contact us for assistance; we provide you an application form for replacement certificates. Once the Perth Mint has verified your identify and received a Certificate Fee your lost certificate(s) are cancelled and new certificate(s) issued.