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Certified ID: Any of the professionals listed on page three of the application form. They will need to declare that the photocopy of the ID (passport, drivers licenence etc) is a true copy. Put down the date, their name, their occupation, practioner number if applicable, company name and contact details and sign it.


"I declare that this is a true copy"
John Smith 1/1/2011


Pharmacist. Practioner number 22222 John Smith's Pharmacy. 1 Smith St, Sydney Australia. 5451 5635

Bullion: Also referred to as bars, wafers or ingots and the terms can be used interchangeably. This is a form of precious metals produced by a refinery. The bullion bars will generally have a stamped Hallmark, Weight, Fineness and Serial number.

Bullion Coin: A legal tender coin whose market price depends on its precious metal content.
Legal Tender: The coin or currency which the national monetary authority declares to be universally acceptable as a medium of exchange.

Fineness: The quantity of pure precious metals (e.g. gold, silver or platinum) contained in 1,000 parts of an alloy.

Kilo Bar: A bar weighing one kilogram is equivalent to approximately 32.150 troy ounces.

Troy Ounce: a unit of weight, equal to about 1.1 ordinary ounces. The word ounce when applied to precious metals refers to a troy ounce.

PMCP: The Perth Mint Certificate Program.

Decimal Bullion: Bullion in Decimal Weight System, e.g. Kilo Bar..

Legal Entity: where the registered owner is a corporation or other legal entity such as a limited liability company or a trust, the names of the people who have authority to sign on behalf of the entity are needed to complete the application. You must provide at least one name and sample signature.

Person: if the registered owner is a person, that person will be included as a signing authority with the ability to sell or transfer the certificates. You may choose to have an additional signing authority as well. When more than one person have this authority to sign the certificate, you will be asked whether all signatures (joint option) will be needed to trade or transfer, or any of them (individual option).

Registered Owner: the person or entity whose name appears on the Perth Mint Certificate. They hold legal title to the precious metals described on the certificate. The registered owner always has the ability to sell or transfer the certificates.

Signing Authority: the individual(s) whose signature is required to sell or transfer the certificates. It is possible to add or remove a Operating Authority after registration is completed. If you might wish to collect the precious metals from the Perth Mint we also recommend you provide personal identification documents for the authorised signatories.

Additional Signing Authority: For additional signing authorities you will also be asked whether all signatures (joint option) will be needed to trade or transfer, or any of them (individual option). When you sign and return the application form to us, a sample signature of the additional signing authority may be needed.

Capacity: Your "Capacity" is simply a very brief title that explains who you are that enables you to be the person who has authority to sign over title of the certificate. Examples are Trustee, Agent, President, Treasurer, Power of Attorney, Legal Counsel etc.

Joint signatures: If all signing authorities must agree to a sale of the certificate then choose "joint. Choosing "joint" would ensure that a sale couldn't be made without the consent of the additional signing authority (and vice versa).

Individual signature: Choosing "individual" means that either the registered owner or additional signing authority may sell or transfer the certificates. In this case the additional signing authority would be able to sell or trade the certificates without the need for written consent of the registered owner.