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Q. My Account is set up, where should I send my money?
Click here for details on where you should send your investment money.

Q. Can I send money by way of cheque?

Q. My money is in the account, who do I now speak to, to purchase my precious metal?
Either E - mail or call us, and we will complete your trade with the Perth Mint.

Q. Can I make a subsequent purchase of Gold, and what is the minimum I can buy?
For subsequent purchases on your Perth Mint Account the minimum amount is AUD 5,000.

Q. I dont fully understand the difference between Unallocated and Allocated storage, please explain.
Unallocated storage is a means for you to benefit from incurring no fabrication or storage costs. You invest in a pool of precious metal stored on an unsegmented (unsegregated) basis. If you would like to see your precious metal it would take ten working days notice.

Allocated storage is an option whereby your precious metal products are stored separately in a safe deposit box. There are fabrication and annual storage fees charged for allocated storage. You are able to see your precious metal within two working days notice.

Q. What is the difference between Allocated Coins & Bars and Unallocated Bullion?
If you want to purchase allocated coins & bars, you pay the quoted fabrication charges at the time of purchase, in addition to the 1st year storage costs (% per metal). In the case of a purchase of unallocated bullion, you only have title to precious metal, as it is an unfabricated form. If delivery is required, you will need to pay fabrication charges.

Q. Can I buy a mix of Gold and Silver on a single certificate?
No, only one of Gold or Silver can be included on a single certificate, though you may acquire multiple certificates of Silver and Gold.

Q. Are there any taxes associated with holding precious metals or with taking delivery of precious metals in Australia?
There are no Australian taxes or duties levied on the import, export or domestic purchase and sale of precious metals in Australia. You should consult your taxation advisor for specific taxation advice in your jurisdiction.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount of precious metal I can acquire?
No, there is no limit on product quantity.

Q. There are quite a few options for precious metal, what is the most popular option and why?
The majority of our clients never intend to take physical delivery of the Precious Metal and so prefer to invest in unallocated bullion as there is no storage or fabrication costs incurred.