>> Buying Silver in Australia

As silver is increasingly becoming a popular precious metal for investors, buying silver in Australia has been greatly sought after. Buying silver is by no means limited to just investors who live in Australia. At PMCG, we provide a worldwide service for those interested in trading silver bullion including silver coins and bars

How to Buy Silver in Australia

The Perth Mint Certificate Program allows people to buy silver in Australia either pure silver investment bullion coins or plus minted silver bullion bars.

Bullion silver bars are a very cost effective means to invest in silver. There are a number of options available to you to buy silver bars of varying sizes and value ranging from 10oz to 1000oz.

The Perth Mint stamps the  1,000oz silver bullion bars with their brandmark and each is given a serial number. The smaller bars are stamped without a serial number. Perth Mint silver bar bullion can be traded internationally and will provide you an excellent vehicle to invest in precious metals.

You also have the option of buying silver coins in Australia from a wide range of quality collectable coins produced by the Perth Mint. Each silver coin is struck from 99.9% pure silver and its weight and purity guarantees that it is legal tender. You can choose from a range of sizes, weights and finishes to suit your budget.

The Perth Mint's coins are valued for their high quality finish and purity. Their legal tender status means their precious metal content is guaranteed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia

Where to Buy Silver in Australia

You are able to buy silver in Australia through dealers approved by the Perth Mint. PMCG is a proven dealer with the Perth Mint and is able to assist you in all your silver investments.

Our process is very straight forward that can begin by calling us on (02) 9327 4989 or simply completing our enquiry form. If you wish to proceed with your silver investment you will be asked to complete an application form and we can take care of setting up your account with the Perth Mint and managing the entire process for you.

The Perth Mint offers you a secure depository. This service allows you to avoid any risk of storing your gold by using the Perth Mint’s secure vault. You will however receive a certificate of your holdings – the Perth Mint Certificate. The safety of your investment is assured with the backing of the Western Australian Government.

We can provide you the information you need to invest in silver. Whether you wish to buy silver bars or coins, buying silver in Australia could not be more straightforward. Please contact us on (02) 9327 4989 or complete our enquiry form if silver is an investment that you are considering.