>> Buying Gold in Australia

Buying gold in Australia is a very positive and popular move amongst investors. Australia is one of the safest & most politically stable nations which mean that buying gold in Australia allows you to be certain of the investment you are making.

There are many ways for you to buy gold in Australia including investing in gold stocks with mining companies, gold exchange traded commodities or to purchase physical gold. One of the prime vehicles for a gold investment is to purchase gold bars or coins.

Gold trades are commonly quoted in US dollars and so you should consider “hedging” to protect yourself from adverse price movements.

Where to Buy Gold in Australia

At PMCG we are recognised as a leading partner of the Perth Mint Certificate Program and we provide you with an avenue to easily and quickly make your gold investment. This investment is available to you wherever you reside either in Australia or anywhere around the world.

The Perth Mint is a unique ETF provider and is actively involved refining gold for the purpose of investment. With the Perth Mint you are able to purchase 99.99% pure gold in a range of sizes either as gold bullion bars or gold bullion coins.

With the increased speculation in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and whether there is actual metal behind these investment vehicles, buying gold in Australia through the Perth Mint Certificate Program has become a very popular way of investing. This program is backed by the Western Australian government with the actual gold being held in trust for you.

How to Buy Gold in Australia

For safety, surety and convenience we can offer you the right advice in determining the type of gold investment that will suit your needs.

Buying Gold Bars

You can invest in minted or cast gold bars in sizes ranging from 1oz through to 500oz. Cast gold bars are made using an ingot mold to shape with molten gold being poured into the ingot. Minted gold bars are manufactured from gold blanks with the dimensions of the gold being from a flat piece of gold.

Buying Gold Coins

You can also invest in gold coins at 1oz in size. Australian gold coins come in a variety of depictions such as the Australian Kangaroo gold coin.

If you wish to proceed with your gold investment you will be asked to complete an application form and we can take care of setting up your account with the Perth Mint and managing the entire process for you.

The Perth Mint offers you a secure depository. This service allows you to avoid any risk of storing your gold by using the Perth Mint’s secure vault. You will however receive a certificate of your holdings – the Perth Mint Certificate. The safety of your investment is assured with the backing of the Western Australian Government.

If you wish to maintain your own gold investment your gold and silver bullion can be delivered securely door-to-door with insurance or armed protection – depending on the value.

If you would like to make an investment by buying gold in Australia, please call us on +61 2 9327 4989 or complete our online enquiry form if you would like more information.