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The Perth Mint Silver Coins are manufactured with a view to meeting the needs of a wide range of investors. Whether you intend a substantial or modest investment in Australian silver coins Perth Mint will be able to provide product for your silver investment. These investments are guaranteed by the Australian Government.

The Perth Mint's silver coins are 99.9% pure silver and you can invest in any the three varieties of silver coins. Each of these coin series have a unique design and high quality finish. Similar to other Perth Mint coins the silver mintage coins are also highly prized for their numismatic value.

Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin Series is the Perth Mint’s traditional silver coin.
Australian Lunar Silver Coin Series II represents designs that are derived from the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
Australian Koala Silver Coin is a classic series. 

Description Purity % Fine Ozt/Unit Fabrication Premium
Silver 1ozt Coin 99.99 1 $10.00
Silver 2ozt Coin 99.99 2 $15.00


Silver can be purchased as an Allocated or Pool Allocated Product. 

Allocated products attract a higher fabrication fee and allow you to choose between two options:

  • Take delivery of the silver itself and maintaining your own security measures
  • Receive a certificate of your silver holding and have the Perth Mint securely store it for you.

Pool Allocated silver enables you to invest in as much silver as you wish in whatever sizes you wish. Rather than having an actual bar or coin, you receive a certificate of your silver holding and cannot take possession of it. The fabrication fee is reduced by 50%. If you wish to take physical delivery, the balance will be payable calculated on the current applicable bar premium at that time.

If you wish to invest in silver or are in need of advice, please call us on (02) 9327 4989 or simply complete our enquiry form. We will guide you through the process and manage everything that you need to purchase silver bars or coins from the Perth Mint.